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Gregoire Besson SPSL9 Pack V1.0

NicoPix's Pack of 7 Gregoire Besson SPSL9 plough from 8 to 14 bottoms (4m to 7m).- Configurable moldboard style- Rim color configuration- BeaconLight configuration (standard/LED) SPSL9 8 Bottoms:Working width: 4mRequired power: 280 HPWeight: 6300 kgPrice: 73.290 $ SPSL9 9 Bottoms:Working width: 4.5mRequired...

Kuhn SB1290

PepperonieDerEnno89 Price: €124,000Power required: 195hpBoot width: 180-240cmWorking speed 20km/hWith color choiceExtended working width for better absorption in curves Download

Abra Unior 600 V1.0

ScaauttE39KamilR1 The Abra Unior is a spreader from the Polish company Abra, the exact model is Unior 600L with tarpaulin capacity and configuration. Info: Price: €10,000Capacity: 600-800LSpreading width: 42mMax speed in use: 20 km/h Download

AgroMasz AT V1.0.1.0

JMZVnsfdg2Selected by Actirise V1.0.1.0- Disc Harrow texture improved- Working width corrected- Bug fix for seeder in AT40 version- Minor bugs fixed Download

Pilmet P-031 Termit 303 V1.0

ZimowyWojownik Pilmet P-031 Termit 303 Price: 3500 $Working width: 8,0m Configurations:- Colour Download

Agromet Z034 Osa 2 V1.0

HajstelEE Right-sided mower designed for mowing grass and forage. It is designed to be mounted on all types of agricultural tractors equipped with a hydraulic hitch. - Price: $1.200- Power requirement: 15 hp- Working width: 1.8 m Download

Agro-Klon APS V1.0

MaxModding Cultivating aggregate with NON-STOP protection.Basic equipment: spring protection, 2 rows of tines 60x25mm, row of scraping discs 460mm mounted on springs and a 9-pipe shaft. Working width: 3mPower requirement: 140hpPrice: 14500 $ Download

Agro-Lift GRM-ZNS V1.0

ReverS Mods Subsoiler Michel GRM-ZNS of the Polish brand Agro-Lift Price: 14500 $Max. working speed: 12 kphRequired power: 160 hpWorking width: 3.0 m Configurations:- Warning signs- Shaft Download

Pöttinger Impress 125FC Pro V1.0.3.0

schingeler_89 Pöttinger Impress 125FC Pro with silage agent and mesh film add-on from DD ModPassion The Pöttinger Impress 125FC Pro by Giants from the Modhub.I installed a 20 liter silage additive tank, enough for about 230 bales.In addition, she now needs...

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