Old Czechoslovak Trailer Tires V1.0

BlendArt Old Czechoslovak trailer tiresSizes:125/60R18125/80R18 Barum Tires can not used on Console Mods. There is a normalmap in the zip included with Mitas Lable on it. Download

Mengele Tournant 743 V1.0

Chico1 Here we present a Mengele Rotant 743 forage trailer Info: Price: €36,860Power required: 105hpCapacity: €26,300Working speed: 17km/h Download

Lizard D633 V1.0

Kasztan18 Lizard D633Price: 10000$Capacity: 4950 - 7960 - 9900 liter Configuration:-Capacity-Color-Cover-Bale trailer Download

Fliegl Trailer Pack V1.1

This is a pack consisting of the Fliegl trailers that are known from the LS 19 of my Fliegl transport pack. Version Changelog: With the Fliegl TMK, the correct rim is now loaded for the Continental tires standard (2) on the...

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Kuhn SB1290

PepperonieDerEnno89 Price: €124,000Power required: 195hpBoot width: 180-240cmWorking speed 20km/hWith color choiceExtended working width for better absorption in curves Download

Boćkowo 1993