This is a pack consisting of the Fliegl trailers that are known from the LS 19 of my Fliegl transport pack.



With the Fliegl TMK, the correct rim is now loaded for the Continental tires standard (2) on the left middle wheel.

With the Fliegl TMK, the logo on the rear wall is now colored according to the color of the lettering in the configurations platform with rear wall and platform with right side wall.

With the Fliegl TDK, the rear right wheel is now loaded with the Continental tires standard (2).

Added new configuration Names wheel hub design. Here you can choose between standard, body color or rim color.

Adjusted the width of the wheels on all trailers.

added forest platform,

Wheel hubs are now colored accordingly with the special paintwork.

Unfortunately, I can’t say whether the problems with AutoDrive have been resolved. I did change something, but I don’t know if that was the reason for the problems because I don’t use the mod.

Hello everyone!

One or the other may have seen on Instagram that I converted the Fliegl trailer from my Fliegl transport pack from the LS 19. Now the time has come that I can also make the trailers available to you. :upside_down_face:

Included are:


Fliegl DK (threshing stool)

Fliegl TDK (Tandem)

Fliegl MK (three-axle turntable)

Fliegl TMK (Tridem)

What can you configure on the trailers?

Tires: Here you can choose different tire configurations.

Hollow color: Here you can set the color of the trough.

Tarpaulin color: Here you can specify the color of the tarpaulin.

Rim color: Here you can set the color of the rims.

Wheel chock color: Here you can set the color of the wheel chocks.

Ladder color: Here you can set the color of the ladder.

Special finish: Here you can choose between different finishes. The configurations: cabin color, body color, wheel chock color and ladder color are overridden!

Hand tools: Here you can choose whether you want to have a broom, a shovel or both on the structure.

Structure: Here you can choose between the following configurations:

platform with stanchions,

platform without stanchions,

platform with rear wall,

Platform with right side wall, (New)

Additional board walls

Small front wall

Tension belt orientation: Only available if you have selected during assembly: platform with stanchions, platform without stanchions, platform with rear wall or platform with right side wall. This allows you to determine whether the tension belts should go from left to right or from front to back. The front to back orientation is intended for round bales. If you select this, the configuration for the hand tools is overridden!

The tandem and tridem also have a configuration where you can set the support leg to manual or automatic. If this configuration is set to manual, then you have to raise the support foot with [X] after coupling it. Then of course you have to extend it with [X] before you uncouple the trailer.

Furthermore, these two trailers also have a configuration for a steering axle. If you choose this, the axle is exchanged and the trailer becomes a little heavier.

All trailers also have animated leaf fenders! Thanks for this goes to RepiGaming! The rims were also replaced on all trailers and BPW wheel hubs were installed.

You can find the trailers in the shop under trailers.

This mod also includes my AddConfiguration.lua. Of course you can also use these for your mods and publish them with the script.

GIANTS Software GmbH Ifko[nator] RepiGaming juli7250 SkillRy


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