Ursus 385-1204 4cyl V1.0.0.3

MaxModdingAriksonKaras Package of 4-cylinder Ursus 4X2 / 4X4 tractors (C-385 / C-385A / 902/904/912/914/1002/1004/1012/1014). Basic version price: € 25,500Power: 71 - 100 HPCategory: Small tractorsTop speed: 34 km / h or 42 km / h The mod has the following configurations:- Engine...

Ursus GR Mokrzyn Pack

ZiomsoN, Karaś, MM, Cherry Modpack ciągników występujących na gospodarstwie rolnym Mokrzyn ze świata realnego. W paczce znajdują się:Ursus 1614 – CiężkaUrsus 1614 – TurUrsus 1224 – GwizdekUrsus 914 – BaśkaUrsus 1014ZTS 16245Zetor 10045Tury 12b oraz 16b z multicoloremWszystkie ciągniki posiadają...

Lizard D633 V1.0

Kasztan18 Lizard D633Price: 10000$Capacity: 4950 - 7960 - 9900 liter Configuration:-Capacity-Color-Cover-Bale trailer Download

Deutz-Fahr Series 6 (old generation) V1.0

MaxModdingFISTASZEKWUJA Deutz Fahr 6 Series OLD BY MAXMODDING Price: 95.000€Power: 224HP Configurations:-Wheels-Monitor-Front loader Motor Configurations: 6165 TTV 65hp6180 P 175hp6190 TTV" 190hp The mod has real sounds in the BETA phase.Compatible with IC. Download

John Deere 6R 110 Series

MaxModdingBLUEACHIRSI The 6R 110 tractor is an efficient and universal machine, and the modern technological solutions used in its construction make it ergonomic and economical. – Base Price:Small Chassis : 102.500 $Medium Chassis: 131.500 $Large Chassis : 174.500 $ – Engine Configurations:Small...

Abra Unior 600 V1.0

ScaauttE39KamilR1 The Abra Unior is a spreader from the Polish company Abra, the exact model is Unior 600L with tarpaulin capacity and configuration. Info: Price: €10,000Capacity: 600-800LSpreading width: 42mMax speed in use: 20 km/h Download

AgroMasz AT V1.0.1.0

JMZVnsfdg2Selected by Actirise V1.0.1.0- Disc Harrow texture improved- Working width corrected- Bug fix for seeder in AT40 version- Minor bugs fixed Download

Case IH MXM 190 V1.0

MaxModdingMyGameSteam Case IH MXM 190 BY MYGAMESTEAM➣ Price: $ 68,000➣ Max Speed: 50KM / H➣Power: 190HP➣ Engine configurations: 190 - 235 hp➣ Wheel brand configurations: 7 brands➣ Wheel settings configurations: 7 settings➣ Design configurations: Front attachment - front weights➣ Front...

Pilmet P-031 Termit 303 V1.0

ZimowyWojownik Pilmet P-031 Termit 303 Price: 3500 $Working width: 8,0m Configurations:- Colour Download

Agromet Z034 Osa 2 V1.0

HajstelEE Right-sided mower designed for mowing grass and forage. It is designed to be mounted on all types of agricultural tractors equipped with a hydraulic hitch. - Price: $1.200- Power requirement: 15 hp- Working width: 1.8 m Download